is a revolutionary gift wrap technology that requires no scissors, no tape and fits any shape.
Wanna bet you'll enjoy gift wrapping from now on?
  Discover our live demo now!   How does CoolWraps work?

Easy to use

CoolWraps is the easiest solution to gift wrap you'll find. We say it's easy as 1, 2, 3!

Stuff it

Place your gift in the CoolWraps bag

Seal it

Remove the protective film from the tape and close the flap

Shrink it

Use a hair dryer to shrink the bag around your gift

Easy to store

With a 8.7 x 5.7 inches packaging, you will always be ready to gift wrap, without having a huge stack of paper rolls laying around.

Keep the joy of unwrapping

Don't you feel a little sad when someone gives you a gift in a gift bag? Remember how fun it was to open a regular gift?

Competitive pricing

Our product gives the best value compared to our competitors with prices as low as $0.67 a gift.

Free shipping

Starting 3 items, free shipping will be automaticly added to your cart if you're ordering from the USA.

Why is CoolWraps better?

Easy to use    
Easy to store  
Wrap odd shapes    
Joy of unwrapping    
Water resistant  
Price per gift 0.67 1.6* 3.5**

*2.5 gifts per $3.99 roll
**One gift per average $3.5 bag

Isn't it pretty?