Hearts pattern

Tired of gift wrapping with the traditional roll of paper or look lazy using gift bag? Well, life will now be easy. Just Buy that 9 shrink wrap gift bag assortment (3S, 3M, 3L). Throw away your scissors, your tape and your roll of paper. You just need our gift wrap bag and your hairdryer.



Coolwraps bag sizes 3S 3M 3L


CD size bags

6,5" x 5,5"

16,5cm x 13,9cm


DVD size bags

10,4" x 6,7"

26,4cm x 17cm


Shirt size bags

12,6" x 10,0"

32,0cm x 25,4cm

Do you always ask yourself the same question: Why do I need to spend so much time wrapping gifts? It usually forces you to rush in order to either be on time for the party or rush the preparation of your date with the person you care about most. At CoolWraps, we decided that spending more time on preparing ourselves… and less on wrapping… is always your best interest. 

With the beautiful heart pattern, you will first have an amazing waterproof paper wrap for your gift.  Even better, you will have no hassle wrapping even the most oddly shaped packages. It will be a hit for you and your loved ones! And instead of wasting time on gift wrap, you'll be able to focus on preparing yourself. You will become less stressed and have the youthful energy you need to be the hit of your party or date because you took the time to focus on yourself instead of the gift wrap.  Now that is the CoolWraps effect!